Berney's Catfish

Scientific Name

Arius berneyi

Other Common Names

Berney's Catfish


Up to 380 mm, 500 g

Conservation Status

Not threatened

Photo of a Lesser Salmon Catfish (C) Neil Armstrong


Inhabits smaller streams as well as rivers.  Appears to favour slow-flowing streams, often found in turbid conditions.


Distribution map of Lesser Salmon Catfish

Arius berneyi is known to inhabit coastal rivers and streams in the Gulf of Carpentaria and northern areas of the Northern Territory as far west as the Mary River system.


The life history of this fish is not well known.  It is assumed that like other members of the group it is a mouth brooder, and that the eggs would be incubated by the male.  There is some evidence that these fish will spawn in fresh water.


Feeds on benthic crustaceans, aquatic plants, insect larvae and bottom detritus.


Not usually considered to be an angling target.

On the table

Not considered a table fish.

In the aquarium

Not well known as an aquarium fish, but other members of this group can make excellent aquarium specimens, so there is no reason to think that these fish would be otherwise.  In any case, this species smaller size than some other members of the group should make it a more satisfactory subject.

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