Western Galaxias

Scientific Name

Galaxias occidentalis

Other Common Names



One of the larger galaxias species, commonly 100 mm, to 170 mm.

Photo of a Westen Galaxias

Conservation Status

Not threatened.


Found in waters from heavily tannin-stained streams to to quite saline rivers.  Often occurs in rocky pools at the base of waterfalls and rapids, it is generally located around submerged vegetation or near the edges of pools, slow-flowing water and in lakes and ponds.


Distribution map of Western Galaxias

Restricted to coastal drainages in the south-west of Western Australia, generally no more than 100 km inland.


Little known.  Spawning is thought to occur on vegetation in the upper reaches of streams within its range.  It is believed that the life cycle may include a marine phase.


Carnivorous, mainly feeding on small insects and crustaceans.


Not a recognised angling species.

On the table

Not a food fish.

In the aquarium

Not known as an aquarium species.

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