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About Australia where we are and a little about us.

A Taxanominc Summary of Australian Freshwater Fish a complete listing of Australian freshwater fish which lists all species grouped by family, including introduced fish, and has basic distribution (by State) and conservation status data.

Australian Bass Breeding Trial - results of NFA (Vic)'s first attempt at breeding Australian Bass.

Cardross Lakes a report on NFA (Victoria)'s efforts to preserve this unique system

Catch and Release Fishing a guide to responsible angling methods

Differences Between Murray Cod And Trout Cod a guide for anglers

Frequently Asked Questions

Major Australian Rivers a map of the major river systems in Australia

Native Fish Hatchery operated by NFA (Victoria)

NFA (Victoria) Freshwater Fisheries Management Policy

NFA (Victoria) Proposal for the establishment of recreational fisheries in Victoria for the bluenose or trout cod Maccullochella macquariensis

NFA National Constitution

Suppliers of Native Fish - A listing of suppliers of Australian native fish for aquariums, ponds and farm dams.