Flat-headed galaxias

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Scientific Name
Galaxias rostratus

Other Common Names
Murray jollytail, flat-headed jollytail

Commonly 100-140 mm; up to 150 mm, 25 g

Conservation Status
Indeterminate, probably threatened.  IUCN Redlist: vulnerable.

Shoals in mid-water.  Usually below 150 m altitude in Murray system in still or gently flowing waters, lakes, billabongs and backwaters.  Depth 1 m, substrate of coarse sand and mud, and debris, near aquatic vegetation.

Patchy distribution in the south and south west of the Murray Darling river system, as far downstream as Mannum, South Australia.

Believed to ba carnivorous, feeding mainly on small crustaceans and aquatic insects.

During season August to September, spawns for up to a month, suggesting that only small numbers of eggs shed at any one time.  Little is known about its life history.

Not suitable for angling

On the table
Not a table fish.