Yarra Pigmy Perch

Scientific Name
Nannoperca obscura

  Edelia obscura
  Paradules obscurus
  Microperca yarrae

Other Common Names

Up to 65 mm, largest recorded 75 mm

Conservation Status
Vulnerable.  Under pressure from habitat alteration.  Listed under Victorian Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act.

Usually found in small groups in well vegetated streams or small lakes, sometimes mixed with Nannoperca australis but seems to prefer slightly faster water.

Yarra Pigmy Perch distribution areaRelatively uncommon, found in both brackish and freshwater in all coastal streams west of the eastern border of Port Phillip Bay, including the Yarra River, to Bool Lagoon in South Australia.



Very similar to other pigmy perches, best distinguished by small mouth and inconspicuous pale vertical bar at the base of the caudal (tail) fin.

Spawning has been recorded in ponds in September and October at water temperatures between 16 and 24°C.

Presumably similar to Nannoperca australis.  Aquarium kept specimens adapt readily to mosquito larvae and other invertebrates, with a preference for insect larvae.  This species has potential for use for mosquito control.

Not an angling fish

On the table
Not a food fish.

In the aquarium
Has great potential as an aquarium fish, however should not be collected from the wild due to its conservation status and is therfore not readily available to the aquarist.