Two-spined blackfish

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Scientific Name
Gadopsis bispinosis

Other Common Names
Slippery, slimy, blackfish

Commonly 150-170 mm, up to 250 mm, very occasionally 300 mm.

Conservation Status

Two-Spined Blackfish distribution areaGenerally found in clear, cool rocky bottomed upland streams in north-eastern Victoria, south-eastern New South Wales and in the Australian Capital Territory.  Distribution overlaps that of the River Blackfish Gadopsis marmoratus.



Associated with instream cover, rock or wood debris areas providing shelter from high water velocities.  Only infrequently encountered in open water or in homogeneous substrates without cover.

In late spring to early summer, eggs laid on bottom surface of hollow log or similar location at various depths in water column.  Male guards eggs and attached larvae.

Other fish, aquatic insects.  An ambush predator.

Not often deliberately fished for, two spined blackfish provide good sport on light tackle.  As for river blackfish.

On the table
Not generally consumed due to their usually small size.  Otherwise as for river blackfish.