Southern purple spotted gudgeon

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Scientific Name
Mogurnda adspersa

Other Common Names
Chequered gudgeon, trout gudgeon

Commonly to 70 mm; to 140 mm

Conservation Status

Found in coastal Queensland drainiages from the Pascoe River south and originally extensively in the Murray-Darling, now reduced to a patchy distribution in Northern New South Wales and Southern Queensland.  Originally its distribution extended into Northern Victoria where it had been presumed extinct since the 1930's.

Recently re-discovered in the Cardross Lakes (an irrigation drainage basin system) near Mildura in Northern Victoria.  NFA (Victoria) and the Australian Conservation Foundation combined forces to fight to save the fish in this system which was drying up due to changes in irrigation practices.  To date, some success has been achieved with water being supplied to restore water levels for the 1996/97 summer.  The long term survival of this species and the other aquatic faunal assemblage has not yet been assured.

Slow flowing waters among weed where suitable hard objects are available for spawning.  Primarily a bottom dweller, rarely swims continuously.  Longer distances accomplished by a series of jerky darts.  Migrate from deeper water and spend winter in sheltered situations.  An ambush predator, lying motionless on bottom until suitable prey approaches.  Amazing jumping ability.

Elaborate breeding display between sexes, male cleans spawning site and pairs with a gravid female.  Eggs deposited in clusters on solid objects such as rocks, wood, broad leafed plants.  Male guards and fans eggs.

Small fish, aquatic insects etc.

Not an angling species

In the Aquarium
Not suitable for use in an aquarium due to its conservation status.

The closely related and very similar in appearance Northern purple spotted gudgeon Mogurnda mogurnda is readily available in the aquarium trade.  A very attractive fish.