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Hatchery Update

NFA members are having an enjoyable time in the hatchery, it is a unique resource NFA Vic Branch is quite proud.

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Showing off the Hatchery
Many NFA members have not seen the hatchery, give us a call and come along to see the fish being fed. We have Murray Cod, Trout Cod, Australian Bass, Golden Perch (Yellow Belly), Macquarie Perch, Murray River Rainbow fish, Southern Pygmy Perch, common Galaxiids and more. We feed the fish every day.

Opportunities for members in the hatchery

Tuesdays is now available at the hatchery to feed and maintain tanks, please call Tim 0417 419 765 or Geoff 0417 057 845 to arrange your first day, we will go over the process of feeding the fish. Quite mindful watching the fish.
Regan has done a fantastic job of feeding the fish on Tuesdays, we really appreciate your work.
2 members per shift is the ideal as it is best to have another NFA member with you for safety and getting through the aquarium maintenance faster and more time to watch our fish develop. They all have different personalities. I wonder which one is closer to yours?
Experience: No experience is required, we will show you everything. We are always looking for better ways of working.
The hatchery is located at La Trobe University Bundoora campus.

Breeding Success

Murray River Rainbow fish fry are growing, about 5-6 mm long. Hundreds of Rainbow fish have hatched. We have two tanks with fry and two tanks breeding. The fry are being fed green water and 1 day old brine shrimp which we grow on site.

Macquarie Perch Breeding

We are prepping for the Macquarie Perch breeding cycle. Anyone join in. We send out a message on Microsoft Messenger when we are going fishing for adult maccas. Out of Covid-19 lockdown etc we fish for maccas and supply barbless hooks and worms, light gear is preferable.

Working Bee

For your diary: 1st Sunday after the first Wednesday in the Month from 10 AM to Midday, we have a bbq at the end. We send out a message on Messenger when it is on,

A New Room

The University has kindly granted us access to the room adjoining to the north, it has a larger floor space floor space. We are looking at moving a few of the 2000 liter vats and at least 2 of the very large fish tanks. This is a fantastic opportunity for us and also a great space for our large display fish to have a bit more room.

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Native Fish Australia (Vic) has members from all walks of life, but common to each and every one of us is a heartfelt commitment to educate, protect, restore, sustainable fish, and rehabilitate the freshwater environment and to protect and promote native fish. Your membership enables us to actively undertake projects that contribute to the future of native fish and the aquatic environment.

More Information: phone Tim Curmi 0417 419 765 or Geoff Woods 0417 057 845.

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